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Pictures and details of our deacons for 2015

Julian Black, Andy Crossley,  Norman Robinson, Dick Rathbone, Simon Maddox,  Evelyn Golder Yvonne Campbell, Sally-ann Jackson, Ruth Manson,  Theresa Nichols.

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Julian Black

I started attending Selsdon Baptist when I moved into the area in 1992, fresh out of University. I have been coming ever since, joining the Greenvale congregation when it started a few years ago.

Moving from Addington Road was a big step for me, but represented a real opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and take on fresh challenges. I am passionate about supporting unity and co-operation between the different congregations of SBC.

Another of my passions is the sustainable living and fair trade agenda, as such I am a member of the Green Group at the church.

I also enjoy helping out with the Shelter and with Contact.

At work, I am a European Finance Manager based near Heathrow, a role I moved to a year ago and which has given me the opportunity to work with people of many different cultures across Europe, in addition to using my core Finance skills.

Over the years I have contributed in various ways to the work of the church, including stints as a Sunday school leader, home group leader, deacon and PA operator.

Andy Crossley

I was brought up in a Church of England church in Sanderstead and when I was 18 I moved to Selsdon Baptist because it seemed a bit more relevant to my life back then.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a Christian; my faith and my beliefs seem to have been with me from an early age.

After coming to Selsdon I was very involved with the Scouts for 20 years, I met my wife Karen (many years ago) and we now have a fun-loving and exhausting family of three (Anna, Matthew and Joshua).

I had the opportunity to serve as a deacon from 2003 to 2008 which was a great opportunity to see, pray for and be involved with all the good things that go on at SBC.

Karen and I currently run a house group and this has been another great opportunity to grow and for support.

During my working day I attempt to run an IT business.

Simon Maddox

I was blessed in my early years to have been greatly influenced by my grandparents who were committed Christians. I was privileged to go to David Watson's church whenever I was with them, indeed he christened me.

However it wasn't until I was 28 that God led me to Westminster Chapel and the preaching of RT Kendall. Here I committed myself to Jesus and was baptised.

Eventually in 2002 the same friend who led me to Chapel told Kathleen and me of Selsdon Baptist Church. From our very first visit it has felt like home. In the seven years or so of attending I have been a steward, run the book stall with Kathleen for a couple of years, led a home group and helped lead the Worldchangers/Summer Fun Days administration.

I have also taken an active part in supporting the Floating Shelter; I am a member of Prison Outreach Network and have recently started helping lead monthly services in Brixton Prison.

I am mad about all sport although I haven't time anymore to play myself. I have however thrown myself out of a plane on behalf of International Needs. My business partner and I currently run our own business, a Croydon-based accountancy practice.

Yvonne Campbell

I was brought up in a Christian home and attended Abbeyhill Baptist Church in Edinburgh from toddler to teenage years.

Subsequently I attended various other churches sporadically, but never really settled anywhere. I began coming regularly to SBC in 1999 and attended the Alpha and then Beta courses, which I found particularly helpful in moving me on in my relationship with God, although it was 2007 before I finally felt sure enough to be baptised. I have always been passionate about mission and justice issues and have found it very fulfilling to have been a member of the Global Action Team for the past 6 years. I have also served on the Finance committee since 2009.

I am the SBC trustee on the Croydon Churches Floating Shelter board and being a "morning person" most often do the breakfast slot here. I do voluntary work with Asylum Seekers at the Gatwick detention centre and my day job is in IT. 

Ruth Manson

Evelyn Golder

Dick Rathbone

Norman Robinson

In 1987 I started my work experience at a very large trading company in Jamaica where I met a beautiful young Christian lady.  

In 1990 she invited me to an evangelistic crusade at Phillipo Baptist Church but although initially I refused I eventually went to church with two agendas (1) to see her (2) to quiet my conscience, not knowing what the Lord had in store for me. Now I understand when the woman at the well said, ‘Come and see a man…’

I met that man, Jesus Christ, gave my life to him and got    baptised.  Three years later I married that young woman (Sherine) and we have a  wonderful daughter, Kimberly.

We joined SBC in 2010 by God’s intervention; we were on our way to Croham Baptist when we spotted SBC on the hill. The welcome from Ruth Manson was overwhelming and warm, and in 2011 we   became members.

Why SBC? – the love and warmth of the members; the love and involvement for/with children; the preaching/ teaching of the Word makes worship fun and enthralling.

In Jamaica we were mostly involved with young people and were part of the evangelistic team.  At SBC I assisted with the floating shelter and recently the Youth group in Sunday Club and give a helping hand to set up the church for events.

I’m a regular at Parkrun with Andy and the crew. Sherine and I have been asked to organise the Alpha course at SBC.

I am a Chartered Accountant and my hobbies are all sports.

My passion in church is about spreading the gospel and working with young people. For me it’s very important that our lifestyle reflects that of Christ.

I will try my best to uphold the values and virtues of Christ and then transfer that into my responsibility, role and obligation to the members whom we are here to serve.

I was born and brought up in South Wales and became a Christian in my early teens. Peter and I first joined SBC in 1987, moved to Cardiff for 12 years in 1992 and returned to Selsdon to retire ten years ago.

I value the opportunity given me tobe Pastoral Care Co-ordinator. I am constantly aware of what a privilege it is to walk alongside others in their journeys through joys, struggles or sorrows. I love welcoming newcomers and it is a joy to watch people find a spiritual home in our church family.

Homegroups are a vital part of our life together and I value the fellowship of the group to which I belong and another newish one that I lead. It is good to be part of a church with

all-round values expressed in so wide a variety of ways.

Being alongside Peter in his various ministries, I have been privileged to see God at work in the lives of individuals, churches, ministers and their families, and in the wider work of the denomination.

For most of my career I was a part-time teacher in mainstream primary schools working with children with special needs. I enjoy being a grandma to my five grandchildren.

Sally-ann Jackson

I have been attending Selsdon Baptist regularly for around eight years. I do not come from a Christian background but after attending both an Alpha and Beta course, I was baptised. My husband Colin and daughter Yasmin are also Christians and both have been baptised.

God has done amazing things in my life and I have been truly blessed by his mercy and grace in difficult times.

I have a passion for helping with the youth and often help lead Gravity on Sunday mornings. I have recently started a new home group called E3 for the youth in Rock Solid and Gravity and value the time spent with them in our home. I believe that God has a incredible plan for our youth which will allow them to lead the way for our church.

In my work life, I am the assistant registrar at Spurgeon's College and have the pleasure to engage withstudents, and in some small way be part of their journey.

Theresa Nichols - Church Secretary

Theresa is our hard working Church Secretary. She tries to ensure everything that needs doing gets done!

My background is Anglican and in my teens I spent time in an Anglican convent which was formative to my faith and still helps me to be contemplative, reflective and to 'Be Still'.

I have been in membership of SBC since 1974 and served in most areas of the life of the church over the years. I served as a deacon from 2001 - 2007 and would consider it a privilege to serve again.

I have now fully retired from working in front line child protection in the court system and therefore have considerably more time to offer to the fellowship than in previous years.

My abiding passions remain those of prayer and for the children of our world who suffer injustice and abuse. In the past I have made short term trips to work in orphanages in Bulgaria as well as in the UK in the more distant past. In recent months I have had the privilege of leading a small afternoon study group for those who no longer want to go out in the evenings. This is proving to be very special to all of us.

In the past two and a half years David and I have had our faith tested and stretched through having to trust fully on God during David's illness. We have grown through this experience both individually and as a couple and continue to give thanks for his ongoing good health.

I became a Christian when a teenager, in no small part due to the influence of my Scout Leader.

I was baptised at Herne Hill Baptist Church when a student & it became my spiritual home for many years. I met Fay there, we were married there, our three children were dedicated & baptised there. Subsequently I served as a Deacon, Church Secretary & an Elder.

Workwise, I was a GP, first in Peckham then in Herne Hill/Dulwich. I was also Medical Officer for the BMS for some years.

Eventually we felt the time had come to move on from HHBC and went to All Souls Church in London. In 2009 ,for family reasons, we moved from Dulwich to Purley. We felt we wanted to return to our Baptist roots, visited local churches and immediately felt at home and welcomed when we came to Selsdon Baptist Church.

On a personal level, I believe Bible Study & Prayer to be vitally important, together with joining fellow Christians for worship.