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Pictures and details of our deacons for 2016

Karl Yabsley, David Foster,  Norman Robinson, Dick Rathbone, Jane White,  Evelyn Golder Yvonne Campbell, Sally-ann Jackson, Ruth Manson,  Theresa Nichols.

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Evelyn Golder

Dick Rathbone

Norman Robinson

In 1987 I started my work experience at a very large trading company in Jamaica where I met a beautiful young Christian lady.  

In 1990 she invited me to an evangelistic crusade at Phillipo Baptist Church but although initially I refused I eventually went to church with two agendas (1) to see her (2) to quiet my conscience, not knowing what the Lord had in store for me. Now I understand when the woman at the well said, ‘Come and see a man…’

I met that man, Jesus Christ, gave my life to him and got    baptised.  Three years later I married that young woman (Sherine) and we have a  wonderful daughter, Kimberly.

We joined SBC in 2010 by God’s intervention; we were on our way to Croham Baptist when we spotted SBC on the hill. The welcome from Ruth Manson was overwhelming and warm, and in 2011 we   became members.

Why SBC? – the love and warmth of the members; the love and involvement for/with children; the preaching/ teaching of the Word makes worship fun and enthralling.

In Jamaica we were mostly involved with young people and were part of the evangelistic team.  At SBC I assisted with the floating shelter and recently the Youth group in Sunday Club and give a helping hand to set up the church for events.

I’m a regular at Parkrun with Andy and the crew. Sherine and I have been asked to organise the Alpha course at SBC.

I am a Chartered Accountant and my hobbies are all sports.

My passion in church is about spreading the gospel and working with young people. For me it’s very important that our lifestyle reflects that of Christ.

I will try my best to uphold the values and virtues of Christ and then transfer that into my responsibility, role and obligation to the members whom we are here to serve.

Theresa Nichols - Church Secretary

Theresa is our hard working Church Secretary. She tries to ensure everything that needs doing gets done!

My background is Anglican and in my teens I spent time in an Anglican convent which was formative to my faith and still helps me to be contemplative, reflective and to 'Be Still'.

I have been in membership of SBC since 1974 and served in most areas of the life of the church over the years. I served as a deacon from 2001 - 2007 and would consider it a privilege to serve again.

I have now fully retired from working in front line child protection in the court system and therefore have considerably more time to offer to the fellowship than in previous years.

My abiding passions remain those of prayer and for the children of our world who suffer injustice and abuse. In the past I have made short term trips to work in orphanages in Bulgaria as well as in the UK in the more distant past. In recent months I have had the privilege of leading a small afternoon study group for those who no longer want to go out in the evenings. This is proving to be very special to all of us.

In the past two and a half years David and I have had our faith tested and stretched through having to trust fully on God during David's illness. We have grown through this experience both individually and as a couple and continue to give thanks for his ongoing good health.

I became a Christian when a teenager, in no small part due to the influence of my Scout Leader.

I was baptised at Herne Hill Baptist Church when a student & it became my spiritual home for many years. I met Fay there, we were married there, our three children were dedicated & baptised there. Subsequently I served as a Deacon, Church Secretary & an Elder.

Workwise, I was a GP, first in Peckham then in Herne Hill/Dulwich. I was also Medical Officer for the BMS for some years.

Eventually we felt the time had come to move on from HHBC and went to All Souls Church in London. In 2009 ,for family reasons, we moved from Dulwich to Purley. We felt we wanted to return to our Baptist roots, visited local churches and immediately felt at home and welcomed when we came to Selsdon Baptist Church.

On a personal level, I believe Bible Study & Prayer to be vitally important, together with joining fellow Christians for worship.

David Foster

I grew up in a loving, Christian family and have been attending SBC for about 40 years... and I'm only 42!

I was baptised and married at the Church.

Together with my wife, Susie, I have three children, Lily (11), Chloe (8) and James (4).

I am a Building Surveyor by degree, a Facilities Manager by profession but somehow currently working in HR!

SBC has always been a secure foundation for me – a place where I feel safe, learn, share and have fun, whether this be through attending the services, Scouting, homegroups, friendships or the occasional barn dance!

I help lead the 'Rock Solid' group on a Sunday morning and have also supported the 'Gravity' group in the past.

God has always been with me on my journey, even when I haven't always been the best travelling companion!

Karl Yabsley

I first became involved with Selsdon Baptist Church when I starting attending Services at Greenvale in 2010. In 2011 I was baptised in the sea at Littlehampton! An incredible experience.

For the past five years, alongside fellow Christians from SBC, I have attended the XCEL Mens' Conference in Bradford which takes place in November. The conference consists of fellowship, listening to guest speakers and enjoying a great camaraderie with my friends from SBC.

I have participated in voluntary work for SBC at the Floating Shelter and the Extreme Teen Challenge (ETC), and I am a Trustee of the SBC Pre-School.

I work in the financial services industry, being involved in Pensions.

Previous work has included working as a Fishmonger in the family business, an incredible and rewarding experience!

My interests outside of the church are family, cricket, following Crystal Palace FC, supporting events at my alma mater (Royal Russell), travel and voluntary work

Jane White

I became a Christian when I was 25, where I was part of a very lively Anglican church.  I have been at SBC since I moved to Selsdon some 19 years ago. .   

I have been involved in all sorts of areas in the life of the church at SBC including Alpha, flowers, House groups, young people's work, Floating Shelter, and prayer initiatives.

I am a trained bereavement counsellor and am currently at college training to become a counsellor.

I try to operate out of the guiding and power of the Holy Spirit. I believe in the power and need for prayer in my life and in the life of the church.

Phil Mazur

I came to faith because of a group of teachers at Trinity School who began meetings explaining and exploring their faith. This lead to me attending SBC with the Handleys – close friends of ours – and then my taking part in an Alpha course.

I’ve been attending SBC for three years now, and was baptised last year; you can still check out my testimony on the website. Since then my spiritual journey with Christ has continued, with many a tale – both positive and negative – to tell. I became a Member this year and I attend the Lines’ Homegroup.

Within the church I am part of the Stewarding team and in summer help with the Children’s groups in Sunday Club. I also help with the Homeless Shelter and recently took part in the 50km sponsored walk that Paul Funnel organised to raise funds for The Who Cares Trust, a charity helping children in care. I also run with the Church on the Run group and have been known to venture out on Parkrun with my SBC Runners shirt.

I work at Trinity School where I now run the Christian Friday Breakfast meetings that several of you have attended. At Trinity I’m Head of the Drama Department and prior to that I was heavily involved in the Pastoral side of the school. That work continues in my day-to-day teaching my involvement with the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and school productions. I’ve also worked with Army Cadets for the last 25 years, most recently with both Trinity and Quest Academy.

I live in Selsdon and I am married with a daughter in her twenties. My interests include sport and watching Bromley Football Club.

Andy Crossley

I was brought up in a Church of England church in Sanderstead and when I was 18 I moved to Selsdon Baptist because it seemed more relevant to my life then.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a Christian; my faith and my beliefs seem to have been with me from an early age. After coming to Selsdon I was very involved with the Scouts for 20 years, I met my wife Karen (many years ago) and we now have three exhausting, but great kids (Anna, Matthew and Joshua).

I've had the opportunity to serve as a deacon at SBC from 2003 to 2015 and it has been a great privilege to see God at work within the church and to serve as a deacon and seek the Lord’s will for the church.

I'm also involved with the Church on the Run group and looking for ways to take the church to the wider world.

Richard Hiscox

I found my faith at an early age, coming from a Christian family. For over 35 years I attended an Evangelical Brethren Church in Carshalton firstly by myself and then once married.

My better half is Pauline and together we have two grown-up children and one grandson.  

Over ten years ago we moved as a family to Selsdon. After much prayer and consideration we came to worship as a family at SBC. We found such a friendly welcoming atmosphere that God’s leading was clear in our decision to join the church.

In my work life I trained as a Research Scientist where being analytical and having attention to detail were paramount. When I married Pauline I moved to work in my father’s business. When he retired I started my own General Insurance Brokerage and now have four staff. We help individuals and businesses get the best cover possible by bringing a Christian ethos to our work. It’s great to talk with churches and charities through this work and hear what God is doing elsewhere.

I’m a naturally practical person and love to learn new skills, putting my hand to anything from electronics, plumbing and even landscaping and woodwork. A few years back I was blessed by being able to put these skills to use in two trips to Bulgaria working in orphanages. At SBC I’m responsible for Security and Fire Safety, but also head up the wonderful Sound Team. I regularly meet midweek at one of the homegroups where we have a great time studying the Bible and trying to stay on topic, honest.

As a deacon, I hope to bring my natural practical approach and over 40 years’ experience as a Christian to the role. I think I will enjoy the challenges of working with others to help SBC better reach the local community whilst also growing as a church. I’m not perfect (as my wife tells me) but God is gradually smoothing out the rough spots and polishing me. Hopefully, eventually, I will in some way reflect my Lord and Saviour.