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Selsdon Baptist - Launch  of Church Vision

Launch of the new Vision for Selsdon Baptist Church

Sunday 26th January was the launch day for our new church vision, an opportunity to focus how we see our priorities and service developing in Selsdon. The panels below  highlight some of the key messages from the day.

Our vision is about working together to love God and serve the community.

As part of our worship we heard testimony from some of our members.

Our Church Vision

Learning to Love God and Serve the Community

Selsdon Baptist Church is committed to:

In this way Selsdon Baptist Church aims to build a sacrificial and transformational community of disciples of Jesus Christ in Selsdon.


Paul Funnell - told us about his work with Enterprise Cube, showing and sharing the love of Christ with the wider community. Enterprise Cube works with the disadvantaged helping them to start their own businesses

Listen to Paul

Magda Esterhuyse - Told us how the prayer and support of the church community carried her through a difficult year of failing health for her mother in South Africa.

Listen to Magda


Norman Robinson told us how he and a group of 8 SBC men were inspired at the International Mens’ Conference in Bradford last year- They were tld that “You are the most important vessell that Jesus has”. Norman explains how they came back encouraged to show and share the love of Christ.

Listen to Norman

Simon Maddox and Jane White from our Greenvale congregation told us how the Greenvale congregation encourages and  equips each other to know Jesus better, and to grow their sense of community.

Listen to Simon and Jane

Don Axcell told us how he shows and shares the love of Christ through his work as chaplain to the Police Rehabilitation Centre

Listen to Don


Diane’s message based on Phillipians chapter 2 highlighted how we are a people loved by God - part of the family. We should have the same mind as Christ and his likeness. We must run together , supporting each other. The love of Christ is powerful and active in us, looking to the interests of others, and helping us to learn to love God and serve the community.

We are God’s people, His church.

We must have a relationship with each other and with the community.

Listen to Diane’s message

As well as an excellent ‘mingle lunch’ our Vision Sunday featured a display of posters produced by all sorts of people in the church showing the different ways we serve.. A selection is shown in the gallery below.  More can be seen on the Facebook page.

Posters highlighting the different ministries of church members

Full audio files for the whole service

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