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Pat Hasell

Being a Christian enables me to make sense of life. I see God’s handiwork in the beauty of nature. I see God’s greatness in the structure of the universe. I’ve learnt so much about what God is like through seeing how Jesus lived. It’s a relief to know the forgiveness of God through what Jesus did for us on the cross. I make lots of mistakes and constantly need that forgiveness. Being part of the Christian family brings much joy into my life and when difficult times come, as they do, He gives me the strength to get through.

Brian Reeves

When I became a Christian it was undoubtedly the most important decision of my life.  Sixty-four years later I can testify to a living relationship with God that is far more wonderful than I could have ever    foreseen.  My life has had its share of tough sad times, triumphs with the joy of success, and failures where I have fallen short.  Through them all, the guidance, companionship and compassion of God has been a real strength.  I have benefited enormously as I have grown to love and serve Jesus from year to year.      You can do nothing better than to yourself to Jesus.

My  journey with God began in my early teens. Before then I had learned lots about God but didn't know Him for myself.

This writer sums up my journey since then:

Lord, for the years

your love has kept and guided,

urged and inspired me,

cheered me on my way,

sought me and saved me,

pardoned and provided:

Lord of the years,

I bring my thanks today.

Each  key word conjures up events or moments past and present. Reflecting on these truths, God's generous love is as amazing in the small print of my life as in its headlines. It gives me hope and confidence for the path ahead in life and beyond.

Tracey Chivers

Now I have the Lord in my heart. Constantly I fall short of his glory but he loves me. I now know for   certain that one day I will meet my Saviour. Amazing!

Theresa Nichols

Having Jesus in my life means that there is someone with me all the time who knows me inside out and loves me anyway. Whatever I have to face he is there beside me giving me strength and peace. In difficult times I can pray to him knowing that he will answer. Jesus lives in me through his Spirit and helps me take on challenges and develop God-given gifts and     abilities. I was painfully shy as a child and couldn't have taken on my various church responsibilities without the strength and wisdom that Jesus gives me.

Michael Barbour

My parents taught me to be a “good boy”, but later on Christian friends made it clear to me from the Bible that God’s standard is perfection, which I could not achieve.  Happily, though, Jesus lived the perfect life that I could not, and took the punishment for all my wrong-doing, and I now have faith that I am freely     forgiven.  In gratitude, I want to live to please Him.  When I die, I know there’s a place in heaven for me, not because I’ve been a good boy, but because I trust in a Saviour who gives eternal life.

Catherine Reeves

One of the best things about being a Christian and having a personal relationship with Jesus is the   knowledge that one is never alone.  

A few years ago I fell and badly smashed my shoulder, snapping the bone in my arm in the process.  The    medics, because my general health was not very     good, said they could not operate - it would have         to heal on it’s own and I would have very limited movement afterwards.  

My Christian family showed such love and care for me, making sure I had help, visitors and food; and above all PRAYED for my healing.  When all the physiotherapy etc. was finished I had to return to the consultant for a check.  He looked again at the x-rays and asked me to make certain movements.  His mouth literally dropped open in amazement.  My movements are virtually     normal with very little limitations at all.  During that interview he used the term ‘I’m amazed!’ five or six times.  Do you believe God answers prayer?  I do!  

I praise God that he is with us in the low times, the high times, and indeed every hour of every day of every week of every year.

David Mayne

My earliest Christian memory is of playing the role of the sheep in the playgroup nativity at the age of three.  Through the outreach of this group my Mum began attending a church, and as her excuse for going, I went along too.  I progressed through the ranks of Sunday School and enjoyed learning about Jesus and the Bible.  When asked to give a talk on my faith in Secondary School I had to decide whether I was prepared to stand up as a follower of Jesus; I did and I was then baptised on 12th April 1998 (Easter Sunday).  Having begun to get involved with the life of the church, my parent’s messy divorce (1999) forced me to re-evaluate the way I saw the world – I was now part of a struggling, poor single-parent family.  However, throughout it all, God was with me; his presence being one of the things I could rely on.  Thankfully I can say that after 10 years,    leaving school, going to university, getting married,    entering ministry and moving house 4-5 times, God is good, and he’s been with me every step of the way.             


This page contains a number of personal testimonies, where various people from the church speak about their faith in the Lord Jesus.

Daphne Hammond

Shortly before her death in 2012, one of our members, Daphne Hammond, was interviewed by Channel 4 for their “4Thought” programme with the theme “Are you afraid of dying”.

Click here to see the short programme on the C4OD website

Want to know more? Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Maybe some of our stories have inspired you to find out more about what it means to be a Christian.

We’d be happy to talk to you - contact us through the church office, or make a comment on our facebook page (link at the bottom of the page).

Alternatively there’s  a very good step by step jouney on the Rejesus website - follow the shoes!

Ruth Manson