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Summer 2012 Events

Soul Survivor

New youth minister - Adrian Clark

Extreme Teen Challenge

Summer 2011

Matt Winter - Baptism

Summer holidays are a chance to do something different!

Selsdon Baptist is no exception and during August we had three holiday specials - Summer Fun Days, Holiday @ Home.

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There was an Olympic theme to Summer Fun Days this year. The children learned about being part of a team and how they could be in Jesus’ team. Every morning for four days between 120 and 140 children came and enthusiastically joined in the activities, singing, games and quizzes.

Every morning before the children arrived we prayed for each other and for the children. We pray that they will remember what they have learned about Jesus, and that the seeds sown will grow in their lives.

Most of the upfront activities were led by a group of young people. The activity leaders are such an important part of the day and it is important to keep the kids focused and keep the energy and enthusiasm going. We were blessed to have a wonderfully talented group of six young people who led the morning meetings. They were funny, original and very cool. What a wonderful example of what being a Christian is today!

We had a dedicated team of leaders and helpers of all ages from 11 upwards. It was really good to be part of this team.

Even the cleaning up on the Friday was amazing. Everyone pitched in and helped – some people even came for that who couldn’t help during the week. The activities ended at 11:45 and we were done cleaning up by 13:00!

Messing about in Boats - Holiday at Home

Holiday at Home

Messing about in boats is not what we would normally expect our most senior citizens to be doing, but that was the happy setting for this year’s Holiday at Home.

Our regular guests were joined by a good number of newcomers so that we averaged about 33 per day with an overall total guest list of nearly 40

This year, in addition to our wide range of crafts, games, quizzes and puzzles, our guests enjoyed a serialised reading by Peter Manson from Three Men in a Boat, and took a walk along a Sensory Nature Trail. Our window displays featured various aspects of fishing, boating and royal occasions on the river. Lunches were served in the gardens of the ‘Waterside Inns’ and the main hall was decorated with appropriate canal-side scenery. Lunch-time included a short thought for the day from Diane.

The church itself was adorned with boating paraphernalia and, thanks to Alan Bedford and his team, a real sailing boat with mast was on display.

The walls were decorated with the side of a narrow canal boat, lock gates and nature scenes. The prayer room became the village church where folk could go and spend some time in quietness if they wished.

Afternoon entertainment included two musical concerts, a quiz and a demonstration of authentic canal boat art.

Refreshments and ice cream were available every day from our ‘Riverside Tea Rooms’ with extra special treats provided by Maggie on the Wednesday afternoon, for our very own ‘Henley Regatta’.

The whole event went very well indeed thanks to the untiring work of a devoted team. We praise God for a very happy atmosphere, safety and a holiday to remember. Thank you so much everyone who helped by loaning us things, providing puddings, helping set up and every other important job undertaken. The laughter and smiles on the faces of the guests showed that every effort had been worthwhile. Now what shall we do next year?

The week in the church is followed up in early September with a day trip to Runnymede and boat ride on the Thames

Lock Gates in the church!

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