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Forthcoming Events


E3 Youth Homegroup

Contact the youth minister, Adrian Clarke, for more details

Many house groups will be running the series, but for those who are not in a house group, or whose group is not doing this series, or for anyone who misses a session, then they are also being run at church on Sunday evenings, mainly during June, September and October.

Why not come along? Explore together, encourage one another to grow in FRUITFULNESS.

(If you are interested, please add your name to the sign - up sheet.)

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

What if God could be in the smallest thing you do?

What if you discovered how love really does change everything?

Fruitfulness on the Frontline is a series of 8 short films, group discussion topics and ideas to try out, that have been packaged together and are designed to equip you to show and share the love of Jesus within the wider community.

We all have a life on the frontline that is significant to God, but can we see how God has been working in and through us? Can you imagine what work God might do in and through you on your daily frontline?

Your frontline might be at work or when working out; at the school gate or the factory gate; on the commute to work or even on the Contact shopping bus!

Dates and topics are as follows;

01/06: The Big Picture
15/06: Modelling Godly Character
22/06: Making Good
06/07: Ministering Grace and Love
Summer Break
07/09: Moulding Culture
21/09: Mouthpiece for Truth & Justice 05/10: Messenger of the Gospel
19/10: The Journey On

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SBC’s Community Support Group would be very pleased to receive Harvest Gifts on the last Sunday in September.

These gifts will be given to Croydon Nightwatch, which acts as a first line of contact for homeless people in the borough.

Nightwatch provide urgent and necessary items of food, clothing and toiletries, to people in need and are able to direct them to other agencies able to assist with accommodation and training for employment.

Nightwatch have sent us a specific request for donations of canned produce; tins of soup, tins of fruit or vegetables, tins of meat and, of course, Teabags! There is also a need for shampoo and toothpaste.

Our guest speaker at this service will be ESTHER THAPA who heads up the International Needs Nepal operation.

One of the essential things that Esther and her people need is financial assistance to put roofs on churches.

Churches become the centre of village life and while the villagers are able to put up walls and install floors and windows, the cost of a corrugated iron roof (about £1,000) is way beyond them.

Our Harvest Thanksgiving appeal offering will be given specifically to this work in Nepal.


Starting OCTOBER


1 October, 5 November, 3 December

10.30am till 12.30pm in the church coffee lounge

Would you like to learn to knit? Needles, wool etc provided free.

STITCHIN’ TIME GROUP will teach you how to begin, in a friendly atmosphere, and give you as much help as you need. Refreshments provided at a small charge.

Sorry, we cannot cater for small children.

Contact Trudy (020 8657 1817) or Ruth (020 8916 0062) for information, or just come along.

Knitting for adult learners

Friday 3 October 9:00am to Saturday 4 October 9:00am

Come and join us in Room 3 (upper level of church) to pray for an hour (or more) during this period. There is a sheet in the foyer at Addington Road to sign against the time you wish to pray.

You may like to join in fasting for some or all of this time.

Come and Join us for

24 hours of Prayer



Remember to complete

your shoeboxes by

10 November

Flyers containing all the information required to make up the gift of a shoebox will be available on 12 October in the foyer.

If possible, you are asked to donate the postage online this year. However, if a cheque is easier that is perfectly fine!