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About South Asian Concern

South Asian Concern is a small multi-racial partnership of Christ’s followers with a particular concern for and focus on South Asia and South Asians around the world. They came into existence in 1989.


They believe that one of the things our society needs is for people of different backgrounds to know each other and work together, on the basis of mutual respect and equality. This doesn’t mean losing our diversity of language, dress, food or traditions. It does mean overcoming barriers and building bridges.

They respect people of all faiths and none, and their activities include providing resources and training to help people to build bridges of friendship and better understanding.


They work in partnerships across the Diaspora and South Asia. Their approach enables them to contribute to what others are doing, to be a catalyst for new initiatives, and to work with a variety of people and organisations.

Christ’s followers

Jesus Christ is their inspiration and guide. They believe that his life and teaching, his death and resurrection provide both the way for us to have peace with God and also the direction for our lives. They are committed to follow him and they believe that he is good news for everybody.


South Asian Concern's UK office is at PO Box 43, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5WL.  Telephone 0208 770 9717 Fax 0208 770 9747.

About South Asian Concern

Our members Paul and Su East have been serving in India for many years as partners of South Asian Concern

If there is someone in the Bible they identify with it is Barnabas – the ‘Son of Encouragement’, often working away behind the scenes – he keeps popping up through the Acts of the Apostles and in several of Paul’s epistles.

They returned to India, their adopted homeland, 4.5 years ago - longing to apply some of the gifts and skills the Lord has graciously and kindly given to them – as a Barnabas couple, across North India – going through the many doors that they are privileged to have opened up for them.

Paul writing to the Corinthians talks of him and Barnabas as prophets who work for a living. Paul and Su too have to work in the eyes of the authorities to justify our Business Visas. More than 10 years go, prompted by the Holy Spirit, they registered a British company. It is a Tour and Travel Consultancy and they are the South Asia office! Su really does most of the work and Paul just throws in a few ideas! They handle anything from singles to large groups, largely from N. America and the UK. In the main they are believers who are keen to see something of what God is doing here. E.g. last year they had more than 60 short-term volunteers from one church alone, in Canada. Most of these volunteers are involved (as they are) in 2 children’s homes in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh. Paul and Su sometimes pack their bags and lead the tour groups themselves.

God chose to use Barnabas to network Paul together with the Apostles in Jerusalem, and the last few years have been punctuated by networking key ministries for the Kingdom in North India with those outside India who are now actively engaged in the Indian ministry, through prayer, people and finance. Paul and Su are often creating introductions in India too – such a satisfying and fulfilling role.

It's not certain whether Barnabas was married, but 37 years on in a great marriage, mainly in India and the Middle East - Paul and Su are both passionate about seeing Pastors and Christian leaders enjoying and modelling good Biblical marriage; so they are very happy to be resource people for the Biblical Counseling Trust of India, teaching on marriage enrichment weekends and on their counselling training courses.

Herbertpur HospitalGod keeps finding other opportunities for Paul, to encourage Christian programmes, especially orphanages, schools and hospitals, and  development programmes – encouraging them to seriously improve the quality of their Christian management and to identify and nurture emerging young leaders for the future. For this The Lord led Paul to launch a low-cost management consultancy called Management for Ministries or M4M – for short. Like Barnabas confronting St Paul this means Paul sometimes has to stand up for what he believes is right, even if personal relationships are at stake!

Su enjoys giving hospitality and as they’re fairly close to the airport there is no shortage of guests who stay during the cooler months of the year as well as others who drop in for fellowship or counsel from around Delhi at any time. She has also recently come onto the Board of Sugandh, a slum project in Delhi, and is keen to become more involved in that. When out of Delhi visiting other projects she has her Barnabas hat on, visiting, listening and praying with people from all walks of life, both in Hindi (mainly) and English.

Although Paul and Su miss the Indian village life they enjoyed in the 70s & 80s, in a rural hospital, they have come to love Delhi and their neighbours. They share in the leadership of a neighbourhood Bible Study and are building bridges of friendship with their Hindu and Sikh neighbours around their flat. City church life also brings its challenges but they appreciate the opportunity to preach and teach each month.

As the years go by Paul and Su are all the more aware and grateful for the prayer and support of friends who pray in the grace of God that they might work out their faith in fear and trembling here amongst their Indian family.

Prayer Points for Paul and Su:

Paul and Su East

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