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Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor 2013

Extreme Teen Challenge

Holiday @ Home


Summer holidays are a chance to do something different!

Selsdon Baptist is no exception and during August our young people go away to Soul Survivor

Our youth minister, Adrian Clarke writes:-

Soul Survivor has a youth culture and identity all of its own. If you do not know what Soul Survivor is then let me describe it to you.

Between 12,000 and 15,000 young people and their leaders come together at the Bath and West showground for five days of worship, learning and friendship, all of which centres around the morning and evening celebrations where a variety of key speakers share their thoughts and reflection to the hordes.

This year the focus was on looking at how God uses the broken, weak and the failures to do his work, and through doing so the true glory and power of God is shown.

I saw young people who came with different expectations and agendas come back with a sense of real unity and awe of God’s presence in their lives.

What a week; what an experience. I pray that this will be a foundation for those who went to be a real force in SBC, and to encourage others to take the plunge next year.

We took 12 young people and six leaders to the event, a real mixed bag of personalities and expectations; many of them had been before but some for the first time.

We arrived in glorious sunshine, which is always a blessing, especially when you need to put up six large tents, all with instructions that have been written by a two-year-old with a chunky wax crayon, though tents nowadays are so much simpler to erect then the old canvas scouting tents.

The young people all stepped up to the plate over the course of the five days helping in every way possible, encouraging one another, supporting one another; it was a real joy to see and ultimately,I believe, created a community of servant-hearted, loving people.

The whole event seemed to go in a flash and the experience was electric, with two of the young people becoming Christians on the first night and the others meeting with God in amazing and life-changing ways.

(The boys in their Onsies. Oh dear!!)

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