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Thursday Group

Thursday Morning Group Programme

Thursday Morning Group

Everyone Welcome

Meetings are from 10:00 – 12:00 in the downstairs lounge.

2016 Meetings

Newcomers always welcome.

Social meeting and writing to our sponsored children in Uganda.

Weather, weather, weather.

Does the Bible say anything on the subject?

Celebrations. Today is the Queen’s 90th birthday.

We shall share our own celebrations with photos and memorabilia.

Moses – Part 2. Studying Moses through play-reading and discussion.

‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ What does this mean in practice?

Europe: in or out? Diane is coming to help us understand some of the issues involved.

A Christian Aid Coffee Morning for Thursday Group at Pat’s,

103 Croham Valley Road.

No meeting but some folk may like to meet up at Jubilee Coffee Shop.

No meeting but some folk may like to meet up at Jubilee Coffee Shop.

Quiz with Mary and Jean.

What does it mean to be English? What is our culture?

Musical memories.

Cookery hit and miss. Your stories of culinary successes and failures. How has eating changed in your life-time?

Outing. Venue to be arranged.