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Resources for Children - Prayer

Jesus Be the Cebntre Prayer Labyrinth at SBC. April 12th till April 16th. 10 till 12, 2 till 4, and 7:30 till 9 each day (Monday no morning session, Friday morning only)

Resources to help children pray, think about prayer, and pray together with their families

Bible Prayers for Bedtime - Jane Landreth

For spiritual 'quality time' with your 5-8 year-old children. From 'The First Prayers' of Genesis 4, through the prayers of Moses, Deborah, David, Daniel, Jesus, Peter and Paul, prayer is explained in ways that young hearts can grasp.

Family Prayers: Prayers for younger children and their parents - Rosemary and Peter Atkins

This selection of prayers can be used on a wide variety of occasions. Individually, they reflect the simple, honest and open approach so often adopted by children in prayer. As a powerful collection, they build a strong foundation for regular family prayer times.

Massive Prayer Adventure - Sarah Mayers

A personalised prayer scrapbook for children aged 8-11, to help them get started on the adventure of talking and listening to God. Page after page has a Bible story, puzzles, facts and other information, with things to think about and ideas for prayer.

All About Prayer - Lois Rock

This charming book is short enough to hold the attention of 3 - 7 year olds as it sets out a simple yet profound understanding of prayer in a way little children can understand and remember.

My Little Prayer Board Book: Simple prayers for little children - Christina Goodings

The padded covers and rounded corners mean that this book is ideal for little hands and everyday play. This colourful, chunky board book provides 20 cheerful and reassuring prayers for little children to learn; helping to encourage those early words at the same time.

Prayer Ideas

Jesus Be the Cebntre Prayer Labyrinth at SBC. April 12th till April 16th. 10 till 12, 2 till 4, and 7:30 till 9 each day (Monday no morning session, Friday morning only)


William Cowper lived in the eighteenth century and was a popular hymn-writer and poet of his day. He was a shy man, who struggled to feel positive about himself and had frequent bouts

of psychiatric illness.

Apart from his hymns, two lines that he wrote are still repeated and known by Christians today. He wrote:

“Satan trembles when he sees The weakest Christian on his knees”

No one can doubt that prayer is part of a battle, where we take the side of God.

Prayer Book entry

Someone has put some very helpful words in the Year of Prayer “Prayer

Book” at Addington Road:  

Do you ever struggle with the idea that God doesn't hear your prayers?

Does your mind wander when you pray, and then you wonder if you’ve actually prayed at all?

Try this:

If you have a mobile phone, compose text message prayers to God. You can

start ‘Dear God’…. Then send it to your own number. You have received it and God has received it too.


Write your prayer in the form of a letter. Read it out loud to God. Place it in an envelope and keep it in a special place where more of these prayer letters can be kept. They will be a record of your prayers for years to come. You will be able to look back and see how God has answered.


As the rain hides the stars,

As the autumn mists hides the hills,

As the clouds veil the blue of the sky,

So the dark happenings of my life

Hide the shining of your face from me.

Yet, if I may hold your hand in darkness,

It is enough; since I know that,

Though I may stumble in my going,

You do not fall.