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Prayer @ SBC

Prayer @ SBC

Prayer at Selsdon Baptist church

No-one can doubt the importance of prayer in the life of a Christian. This page has been written to show the place that prayer plays in the life of Selsdon Baptist Church.

Pray in different ways

Prayer as part of Sunday services

Each Sunday worship service contains some elements of prayer within it. We have prayers of praise and worship, reflective prayers, time for open prayer, meditation prayer, silence for prayer, prayer of confession, intercessory prayers, pastoral prayers, healing prayer, personal prayer, liturgical prayer .... and lots of other prayers too. Because each service is different, no service will have every form of prayer within it. Some prayers are taken by the minister, some by members of the congregation who have prepared them in advance, and some are spontaneous. In a church service, we enjoy a variety of forms of prayer.

Private Prayer

Prayer that is confined to church on Sunday is not an adequate diet of prayer for an active Christian. We assume that people, in their own ways, and using their own patterns, will have a life of prayer that happens in the week, and not just on Sundays.

Prayer in Homegroups

The church operates a system of home groups, and people are strongly urged to find a homegroup that suits them. Prayer is a vital part of the homegroup meeting and each group will make time for prayer during their time together. This is a good place to start praying with others in a small group.

Prayer with the Ministerial Team

We believe in fulfilling the injunction of James 5:14, so we are happy to respond to any request to visit a person and pray for them, whatever their circumstances. All you have to do is ask. Requests for prayer can be totally confidential, and if you need that assurance then all you have to do is ask.

The Prayer Chain

We operate a prayer chain which mobilises a number of people to pray should a situation or emergency arise that needs covering in prayer. All that has to be done is to phone the prayer chain leader (the office will pass on your request) and this request will be phoned through to a number of people who will pray with you about the request you have made.

Prayer after a Church Service

At Addington Road, we give people an opportunity to have someone pray with them after a morning service. A person may feel 'spoken to' by the service that has just finished, or may have concerns about themselves or someone else that can be brought to God in prayer. It may be that a person is facing some challenge in the coming days, such as a visit to hospital or an interview. All these, and any other topics, can be prayed for and we are offering a team of people to pray with individuals who ask it after the morning service. At Addington Road, those available to pray with people will be at the back of the church after the service wearing a 'Prayer Team' badge.

Prayer Diary

Most months we produce a prayer diary, identifying a specific topic for prayer each day. This is produced as a printed leaflet, available from church at the beginning of the month. An electronic copy is also available on the website, at the top of this page

Praying before services in the Addington Road Sanctuary

It has been traditional for some time for the leaders of the church and those involved in leading the service to meet in the prayer room for 10 minutes before the service to pray. We now want to extend that invitation to EVERYONE, so that now anyone is welcome to come into the prayer room, for 10 minutes before the service starts, to pray for the service and those involved in it. Any time you are free, come in and share in prayer.

And so on

Prayer does not stop here. So much of what we do as a church involves prayer. Most meetings include a time for prayer, Church Members' meetings have prayer times in them, and many pastoral conversations end up in prayer. Prayer is almost as natural for a Christian as conversation, and prayer will therefore be an important element of almost everything we do.

The cross, with prayer requests, in our prayer room.

Prayer Diary

Click for April Prayer Diary