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Parish Nurse

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At Selsdon some activities have involved groups such as basic life support, losing weight on the Fit For Life course, meeting with young people for Romance Academy and joining in with senior activities during Holiday at Home.

People from the community as well as the church have come with personal health worries and have received optional prayer, discussed hospital appointments, results and tests (which have included cancer investigations and treatment). From time to time there have been home visits and on occasion it has been possible to accompany a patient to worrying health appointments.

Practical care –the Parish Nurse has been used as another pair of eyes to check for skin changes – which is difficult to do if you live alone…

Blood pressure - this has been done in the Wednesday ‘Drop In’ for some time and it was recently well received after the Greenvale service.

Who is the Parish Nurse?

Selsdon Baptist Church’s Parish Nurse is Hilary Howard… 

Come and meet Hilary

Whilst Hilary is on sabbatical, the drop-in is suspended. Please contact the church office for more details

Professional Standards and Confidentiality

Parish Nurses Croydon Cluster

We now have a small group of local parish nurses from different denominations who meet three monthly for prayer and professional support.

We meet in October, January, April and July - if you would like to join, please email or phone Hilary Howard (see ministry page) - dates of the meetings will also be in the church calendar on the What’s On page

What is Parish nursing?

Parish Nursing has been established at Selsdon Baptist Church since September 2008.

As well as the Parish Nurse we have a team of volunteers who run the Drop In. The Parish Nursing Team is for the local community as well as the church. Many people who see the Parish Nurse do not attend church regularly, if at all. Individual health appointments can be made by dropping in or prearranged by telephone on most Wednesday mornings.

How can the Parish Nurse help and who is it for?

It is for people of all faiths and none!   Although it is firmly rooted in a Christian understanding of health and wholeness,   it   is   offered unconditionally.   Parish Nurses do not put pressure on people to change their religion. 

The Parish Nurse can :

Selsdon Baptist Church's initiative is linked to Parish Nursing Ministries UK which is a charity that is offering extra training and encouraging pilot schemes for Parish Nursing in local communities. Further details at