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How are we organised?

Our Ministry Team make day-to-day decisions as part of their work, but ANY church member can raise questions or suggestions about the things our church does.

Because we are a Baptist church, the ultimate responsibility for major decision-making rests with the Church Members Meeting, where together we try to discern God's will for us under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

To enable members to make informed decisions, a small number of members are elected as deacons. The deacons, together with the Ministers and Church Secretary, make up the Diaconate who meet monthly to consider the life and work of Selsdon Baptist Church.


The Diaconate pray together, develop strategies, review the church's income and expenditure, consider possible new activities and policies, and usually conclude by making proposals for the members to consider at a Church Members Meeting.

Being a deacon is a position of trust and a privilege as well as a responsibility. We normally have nine deacons at any one time, each serving for a term of three years, with the possibility of a second consecutive term if re-elected. Three deacons usually retire each year and their places are filled by the Deacons Election process which starts each autumn and concludes with voting at the Church Members Meeting in November.

How we organise ourselves