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Soul Survivor

The weekend was one of intrigue, surprise, but more importantly the power and love of God in and through Henry’s and his family’s lives. The weekend though could not pass without the opportunity to tap into Henry’s first love of the game of cricket.

On Saturday a cricketing programme was run, inviting parents and young people who played the game, or just wanted to participate, to a fun afternoon of cricket. Attended by a good number of peo-ple the afternoon was well received and everyone enjoyed a time of activity and learning new skills in cricket. Henry helped all those who were keen bowlers to improve their technique, and provided those who didn’t bowl with the ability to begin and have fun doing so.

Though tiring, all who attended came away with a greater sense of their own abilities and understanding of the game, but more importantly came along to the informal café-style service on the Saturday evening where Henry shared his story and sang. Or listened to him on Sunday morning

Special weekend

with Henry Olonga

21/22 September 2013

Over the weekend of 21 September we had the pleasure of hosting Henry Olonga, an ex-international cricketing star from Zimbabwe.

Henry had to flee Zimbabwe after protesting about the injustices of his government, which then turned to death threats and intimidation from the ‘government’.

Henry, now living in England, is a committed Christian who tours nationally and internationally sharing his testimony and presenting his excellent musicianship of singing.

Some of those who attended the cricket afternoon, with Henry Olonga.

Henry with Diane, our minister

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