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Members of Selsdon Baptist frequently find opportunities to serve the Lord in the wider world. This page highlights just some of the areas people get involved in, either full time or one off trips - click on the link to go to the report

Don Axcell - International Pointman Institute

Don writes ... New Country. I had never been to Nigeria before. Come to that, I had never been to Africa before, but on August 9th I left Heathrow for Lagos not knowing quite what to expect. I was working with the Pointman Leadership Institute and our mission was to speak to several thousand Police recruits and their trainers about a type of ethical leadership that combines modern teaching with biblical principles and provides a moral compass that is both time-tested and it works. In 2 weeks we visited 4 different training centres and spoke to 2,600 people. From Lagos we travelled east to Enugu state. From Enugu, north-west to the capital Abuja to meet with the Deputy Inspector General of Police then north-east to Ikeja. From there, south-west to Ibadan via Lagos, returning to Lagos and back home on 23 August. Much of the time we were under armed police escort and it was very hot and humid. We covered about 1,400 miles but the Lord kept our six-man team safe and in good health.

New Experience. We found the people very friendly and willing to learn. As our training included fighting corruption, they were eager to learn but only too well aware of the scale of the problem and the difficulties that face both them and the country in tackling the problem.

We hope that there will be many more opportunities to return to Nigeria and share our teaching at many different levels of leadership. The feedback we have received so far has been very promising and so we pray that those who have been trained will, in the days ahead, start to make a real impact for good in that country with so much potential. Don Axcell was a policeman and now works for the Christian Police Association.

Ghana Youth Mission 2009 and 2011

Report on 2009 Trip

In the summer of 2009 a youth mission  team went from SBC to Ghana.

Report on 2011 Trip

Report on our second visit to Ghana

Bulgaria Team

Over the three years 2007 -2009 teams from Selsdon Baptist have gone out to Kazanlak in Bulgaria to provide practical assistance at the orphanage their. This work is in conjunction with the Cedar Foundation. More details about some of our trips is on the page  detailing our links to the Cedar Foundation

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