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Jessie Funnell Internship @ SBC (2013/14)

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We are really excited to welcome Jessie Funnell as our new youth intern this year. Jessie will be working alongside Adrian as part of the youth team, to help develop the youth work at SBC. She brings with her energy, enthusiasm, passion and a real pastoral spirit which will provide the young people with the support they need.

Jessie has been part of the youth group at SBC since she was 11 years old. As part of her internship she will be studying for a NVQ Certificate in Youth Work and Theology at the Centre for Youth Ministry. This will provide Jessie with valuable qualifications and skills that can be transferred into everyday life, and it will bring new insights into the youth work at SBC.

Please pray for Jessie that she enjoys her internship at SBC over the next year, that not only will she grow and learn, but that the young people will really benefit from her input and support.

Name:                  Jessie Funnell

Hobbies:               Cooking, swimming, exercise

Pets:                    Ivy, the golden retriever Hates: Spiders

Favourite Colours:  Green and Pink

Favourite Food:      Ice cream (See Photograph)

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