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The Importance of Homegroups

At Selsdon Baptist we believe that we need to express our faith, and learn about following Jesus, not only in the large Sunday congregations, but also in the weekday groups. Sundays and Homegroups complement each other, and Homegroups offer different things that going to church on a Sunday does not.

The Purpose  of Homegroups

One of our homegroups

The Pattern of Homegroups

Our Homegroup leaders meet every few months with the Pastor to talk about the programme of the groups and to share together the life of our Homegroups.

At times all the homegroups follow a particular study series which the church has chosen for a period of special focus. Examples of this have included “40 days of purpose” and “If You Want to Walk on Water You've Got to Get Out of the Boat” although each group has its own individual identity and does things in its own way. At other times each homegroup chooses their own study material

The homegroups give their members an opportunity for spiritual growth, and significantly deepen our fellowship as a church.

Members of a homegroup enjoying the moment!

Discovering the Homegroup for you

There are about 16 homegroups, mostly evenings, but some day-times, and some catering for families with children. If you would like to join a group please contact Andy Crossley  through the church office  who will do his best to match you to a suitable group.

There’s also a special 18 - 30’s Homegroup - click for details