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High Street Chaplains

High Street chaplains are now up and running in Selsdon.  You will recognise us by our purple fleeces and badges and are more likely to meet us on the High Street on Thursday afternoons.

So what are High Street Chaplains?

The local churches in Selsdon have recognised that running a small business can be challenging, sometimes even a little lonely and having someone to talk to in confidence can make such a difference.

Therefore the CTSA (Churches Together in Selsdon and Addington) have set up a team of volunteers to visit local shops and businesses, twice a month, with the intention of being available to chat with and, where possible, to help local businesses. Because we believe in a God who cares, the team’s role is primarily to care, and to offer to pray for folk if asked.

What has happened so far?

We are currently a group of five and we meet for prayer before and after going out into the High Street. We have been going for about four months now and have been building up some good relationships with the local shops.  The one constant throughout has been that it has rained every time!

This is both an exciting, but daunting initiative.  We recognise that building relationships takes time and we have found that being there when difficulties arise both personally and for the businesses has given us the opportunity to talk with and to pray for folk.

What next?

High Street chaplaincy is here to stay and its importance seems to be even more the case given the events of the unrest in August.

There is great scope for building positive and supportive relationships with local businesses and currently we are merely scratching the surface.

There are a number of restaurants in our High Street that are not open during the day and so it would be lovely if there were one or two who might not be free during the day, but who could be part of a team that went out in the early evening.  

Similarly there are plenty of businesses we are not able to visit due to lack of people, so if you feel this is something you would like to explore more, please do let us know.


The key to all we do is prayer. Please pray for our High Street, for the businesses and for the people who work here; these people are our neighbours and hopefully our friends.  Please pray for us that we would be sensitive, discerning and caring in all that we do and say. And if you would like to know more, please do speak to us: Anne  Floyd, Hilary West and Diane Watts through the church office.