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Greenvale Congregation - Visitor's Guide

Worship at Greenvale is not what most people would expect from a church service. We worship in the school hall, which, because it is for a primary school, is not that large.

This means that the worship leader, the musicians and the fellowship are all in fairly close proximity, and there can be a break in the message to involve everyone in an activity - altogether a lot less 'preachy' than your normal church service!

 If the leader wants to refer to something from the Bible, a modern version in everyday language, such as the "Street Bible" is used.

Coffee, tea and squash, together with chocolate biscuits are available throughout the worship period, and the worship area is generally laid out with chairs gathered around tables.

A time of sharing prayer ideas is included, with an opportunity to ask for the community's prayers for friends, neighbours or yourself, or to give thanks for joys and successes such as babies, winning competitions etc.

Children are looked after at the back of the hall, with tables for colouring etc and mats for the babies.

Greenvale - Visitors Guide