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Youth Trip to Ghana

Ghana Youth Trips

Selsdon Baptist Church has had links with the development charity International Needs for a number of years. Following on from the previous trip in 2009, we ran a second mission trip to Ghana for young people in 2011 in association with International Needs


Reports of the trip


There’s another whole page with reports from the participants on the 2009 trip


23rd July - 1st August 2011

Ro King:

10 days in the wonderful land of Ghana, West Africa. We started our journey from Heathrow ands flew into Accra the capital of Ghana. We stayed there one night and the next day we went to an Accra Chapel - a 3-hour church service! We then made our way to Adidome where we would spend most of our time. We stayed at the Vocational Training centre for ex-slave girls, which is an International Needs centre. We managed to meet some of the girls and interact with them, and even have a game of football with them (they put us to shame!).

We managed to go back to the school we visited in 2009, Kpogede Primary School. This was  one of the many highlights for us, especially for Rob, Jenny and me, who had visited previously. To have the opportunity to go back and meet some of the same kids was brilliant and to see how they have changed was totally worth it. As you can see from the some of the pictures we managed to get creative in the school and design and paint some ABC drawings and inside the classrooms we designed some numbers and shapes. This was amazing to do and a lasting memory of our trip to the school.

Later on in the trip we travelled to some other communities in the area which have been used for child labour and trafficking and met some of the children involved in this.

Near the end on the trip we managed to chill and take some time out at the beach and in pool. Overall another amazing and awesome trip for all involved and thank you so much for all your prayers.  

Jodie Davies:

From the beginning till the end of the trip, Ghana opened up my eyes to a whole different world to my own back in England.

The way everyone was so friendly and would wave at us when we drove past them in the hippy mini-bus, the way the school kids and teachers appreciated the painting we did for their school and the gifts we gave them; when back at home in England, school kids would be wondering why we have given them a big green inflatable ball instead of a Playstation...

Maybe that's a bit harsh on English school kids but the smiles on all the kid's faces when I threw the big green inflatable ball to them, made me think how are they so happy about things that a lot of people at home wouldn't even care about. It just showed how lucky I really am with an education, electricity and even a working toilet (yes the toilet, you really don't know how lucky you are!); things that I've never appreciated in the past.

The slave castle was very disturbing but made me think about how cruel and messed up people were to innocent people, that it just made me imagine what life would have been like in the slave castle and was so glad that it stopped before any more damage could be done.

My favourite bit of the whole trip was when we visited a school that was helping children who had been going through child trafficking: it was really inspiring to see them helping these kids. They started playing the drums and a group of girls started dancing so Stu, Rob and I started to join in which was so funny and I hadn't felt that happy in ages!

So overall the trip was amazing and I will always remember this experience in my heart where it has opened my eyes to appreciate the little things that we take for granted in life.