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The Fairtrade Foundation’s theme for 2012 being ‘Take A Step’,  holding dance workshops seemed a good way to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, not just for the fun of dancing, but in order to try to interpret the story and meaning of fair trade by means of dance.

Two gifted dance leaders came to SBC on 10 March and led a workshop each, one with younger children, and the other with older children and adults.  

Using the ample space of the large hall, the younger children had great fun thinking of and then carrying out actions and movements to represent farming and picking produce – ways of life that can be very alien to us in our urban environment.

The second group, after a gentle aerobic warm-up, had to think what words they associated with fair and unfair trade, and how they could portray them in actions. Some initial reserve in the group was helpfully dispelled by the enthusiasm and initiative of one of our talented young people!

The dance leader then enabled the group to put these actions together to create a dance. Although time was limited, the finished dance was very impressive and moving.

An inviting café was set up in the small hall, open to any who wished to call in without signing up to dance, and there was an opportunity to purchase beautiful fairly traded goods from the laden Traidcraft stall.

Additionally there was a table with a special kind  of Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg on sale: special because it is the only Easter egg – out of the 80 million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year –  to  explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the box.   

The Fairtrade Foundation is asking for new Steps taken for Fairtrade to be registered at .

At the time of writing the total of steps taken is 520,266, and the aim is to achieve one and a half million steps by the end of the year.

Involvement in the dance workshops, attending the café, buying something fairly traded for the first time, are all examples of steps which count and can be registered.

More importantly, they increase awareness of the need for Fairtrade and the positive effect of Fairtrade on the hard-working farmers and producers who deserve decent wages, working conditions, health care and education just as much as anyone who consumes their produce.

Find out more about Take a Step at:

March 10th saw the Take a Step Dance Workshop as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.

As well as dance sessions, a fairtrade stall and refreshment were available to all-comers, even non-dancers!

Watch the video below from the Fairtrade people

A really fun, yet thought-provoking, afternoon. A huge thanks to Linda Wright for all her hard work in organising it