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What is a ‘Floating Shelter’?

Selsdon Baptist Church is one of the host churches for the Croydon Churches Floating Shelter.

During the winter months, on one night each week Selsdon Baptist Church is the venue for the floating shelter, which provides a roof and bed and hot meals for those who would otherwise be on the street.

Each week we need two volunteers to set up the hall, two volunteers to cook the meals, two volunteers to prepare sandwiches, and so on.

The volunteers all agree that helping at the shelter is tremendously enjoyable and fulfils a significant need.

The shelter provides a particularly useful service to those being served, by providing a fixed location each week, which helps people connect with social services and other support organisations.

Can I Help?

If you can help in this form of service, get in touch through the church office.

The scheme operates through the winter, and fourteen churches provide their halls as a shelter for homeless people, one on each night of the week.

Listen to an interview with Hilary Howard, explaining more about the shelter: -

Floating Shelter Leaflet


Please join us in this prayer for the homeless:


God of justice,

Have mercy on those who sleep... on the streets or in hostels, on the floor or on a sofa, in store rooms or offices, and those who know their friends' hospitality is at breaking point.

Help us to build a fairer society,

Where having no home does not exclude anyone from work and health and respect.

Help us to build a society where all may 'dwell in safety'.

In the name of the homeless Saviour Jesus,




If you'd like to support the floating shelter by becoming either a volunteer or making a financial contribution, please feel free to contact the church office  and we will help in whatever way we can.

Each year we need volunteers for: sleeping-over, chefs for four meals, welcoming guests on arrival, bringing mattresses down from the loft, bed-making and table-laying, bringing clothes down from loft and putting them on rails, taking mattresses back up to loft on Friday mornings, cleaning rooms and serving breakfasts.


Guests have moved from the shelter into various types of temporary accommodation including YMCA, ARP Alcohol Recovery Project and Cornerstone House, as well as other guests moving into residential drug rehab and alcohol detox programmes.

The council has a full time resettlement worker who facilitates these homeless placements all year round.

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