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Fairtrade Certificate for Selsdon Baptist

The recent application for SBC to receive certification as a registered Fairtrade church was successful – thank you to all who support Fairtrade in the church, at our Fairtrade stalls, and in your homes!

To achieve this status, SBC has committed itself to using and promoting Fairtrade. This means that the tea, coffee and sugar used in church meetings and gatherings will have been fairly traded, and we will seek to extend the range of Fairtrade food and drinks to offer to our congregation as we have opportunity.

Proverbs 13.23 says “The fields of the poor may produce abundant food but injustice sweeps it away”. By our choosing to buy Fairtrade, as a church and as individuals, we are taking steps to halt the injustices suffered by many poor and disadvantaged people whose insufficiently rewarded labours provide us with foods and drinks which we take for granted each day.

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