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Every year as part of Christian Aid Week, Selsdon Baptist holds a fundraising quiz night.

Questions ranged from the cryptic (What has a bed but never sleeps and a mouth but never eats?)* through a tasting round (can you tell the difference between Sainsbury’s Basics and branded products), through identifying theme tunes, to identifying the flag of Hong Kong!

There were about ten teams of six taking part, and the rounds were interspersed by the cake auction - where cakes baked by people in the church were auctioned to the highest bidder - the highest bid being £50, but most being £15 -  £25 - all money’s going to Christian Aid.

The cakes and the entrance fees together raised over £800, which together with Gift Aid gives a total of over £1000 for the night.

As well as the quiz night, we also had a number of fundraisng lunches and teas / coffee mornings, as well as the envelope collection in the surrounding streets.

Team members puzzling over the picture quiz

Our quizmistress, Jo Lines

Teams enjoying the quiz

* A river