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Baptism - Photos

Soul Survivor

Photos of Jake’s and Libby’s actual baptisms. You can also link to the short recordings:-

Libby makes her commitment

She is baptised by Adrian and Diane

Adrian and Diane pray with her following her baptism


Libby told us of the many hurdles in her childhood, of the many years going in the wrong direction but she was rescued by God and put back on the right path. She realized that Christianity was a religion to explore, so decide to started going to church. Going to church made the connection with God, and she made a commitment to God. Her life changed and her relationship with Christ was growing

Christ has been there when things got tough, like last year when her Granddad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She prayed so much as she knew Christ would help her with her worries and stress.

There are bound to more tough hurdles to overcome, but she trusts Christ to guide her through life.


Jake told us how he had few religious influences as a child. However, as a young teenager his grandparents took him to church where he heard the bible.

In the summer of 2012 he got much closer to God when his uncle died. He went to the church and was inspired by people praising God at this occasion. A week later his cousin was baptised. A few weeks later he started coming to Selsdon Baptist, and has been loved and encouraged here since.

Soul Survivor was a turning point . He wasn't originally going, but a spare ticket came up. On the first night he gave his life to God, which was the best decision he has ever made. He was prayed for in the new Christians tent, and encountered the holy spirit. He is getting closer to God every day, and tries to b like Jesus. He has been encouraged by youth band, youth Alpha, Christian Union at school. He is ready for the next step to be baptised, to say goodbye to the old life and start afresh in Jesus.

Soul Survivor

Baptism - Jake and Libby

We joined Jake Moir and Libby Marlow for their baptism on 9th February

Libby and Jake shared their testimonies, and were then prayed for by Adrian and youth minister, and Colin and Sally-Anne who are volunteer youth workers.

They were then baptised by Diane Watts , our minister, and by Adrian Clark our youth minister.


You can also listen to Diane’s message about getting our identity from God, and you can also listen to the whole service here.

Jake makes his declarations

He is baptised

..and prayer following baptism

Libby and Jake were supported by our youth band

Baptism Page

Baptism 2013

Soul Survivor

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