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Baptisms - July 2013

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Soul Survivor

On Sunday 21st July we joined Kimberly Robinson and Lydia Hill in celebrating the baptism.

Kimberly told us that she has been going to church all her life, and she did believe there was a God. She only truly came to believe in Jesus when she watched the Passion of Christ and she saw the pain Jesus went through for us.

On  Maundy Thursday this year the same film was shown at church. She didn’t really want to be there, being the only teenager, but that service changed her life, and she accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour. She went home and told her mum she wanted to be baptised. What moved her so much in the film was seeing Jesus whipped, the crown of thorns on his head, and carrying his cross. When he cried “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”, this really affected Kimberly - our sins put Him there but He loved us and wanted to forgive our sins.

She was still afraid of being baptised, but spoke to Diane, who explained it is normal to be nervous, and family, friend ,and Adrian helped her overcome fear.

Baptism will bring her into a whole new world and she knows she will have the support of family & friends to stay on right path.

She thanked everyone for sharing he special day with her, and finished by hoping and praying that her fear of following in Jesus’ path will be gone

Lydia told us that she had always ben part of a Christian family and Selsdon Baptist Church, and thought of herself as a Christian. Her understanding grew at 12 as she met other Christians among the staff and students at Tenison’s School.

The youth leaders at SBC, Ro King originally and now Adrian have encouraged her on in the faith The church youth family she has grown up with at SBC have helped her faith to grow.

Her path to baptism started with the “Drench” evening - an evening of contemporary worship led by Rob Chivers and Sarah Wheeler - there was a powerful atmosphere, you could worship the way you want to - and she could really feel God’s presence.

This was followed on 19th May by a “Girls Evening” at Tracey Chivers where Sarah  told of her journey as a teenager, and Lydia then decided on baptism (which made her mum very proud and tearful!).

Lydia knows she has a long journey ahead, but she will keep a strong faith. She still has may questions, but is ready to accept God into her life, and maybe some of her questions will be answered.

Kimberly affirms her faith and is baptised by Diane and Adrian

Lydia confesses her belief and trust in Jesus and is baptised

Adrian and Diane praying with Lydia following her baptism

Diane’s sermon emphasised that though our future may seem scary, we can be confident in our identity with Jesus.

Lydia and Kimberly are declaring their identity with Jesus through the act of baptism, and asking the Holy Spirit to give them confidence for the future.

In baptism they are following the example of Jesus, who emphasised his identity as God’s son in His own baptism in the Jordan.

Baptism symbolises the death to the old way of life and the resurrection to a new life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

A new life is like a new start in a new country, and Diane finished by exhorting us to live in the grace filled country that is following Jesus.

You can listen to Diane’s sermon here

Audio file of Kimberly’s testimony

..and her baptism

Audio file of Lydia’s testimony

… and her baptism



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