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We were deighted to share in the baptism of Matt Winter in the morning service on 22nd April

Diane’s Message

Diane preached on two passages: Exodus 20:1-3 (the first of the ten commandments) and Matthew 16:24-28 (You must deny yourself, and take up my cross and follow me)

Diane explained to us that God speaks to us as he did to the Israelites in Exodus. Jesus also speaks to us. God is committed to us and we should offer our commitment to God. We have a calling to be fully fixed on Jesus.

In his baptism Matt will bind himself to God as God has bound himself to us. This is not just about a code of conduct, a series of do’s and don’ts - that would diminish God. Our God chose us, a ragbag group of people, and calls us into a relationship with Him. We choose not to have other Gods but Him. We choose to respond to Christ’s steadfast love. We could choose the world’s delights, but they would never fully satisfy us.

God holds nothing back, we should therefore commit ourselves to Jesus. So we should choose to take up our cross and follow him - to focus on Jesus and live a life as he did. Our faith should be represented by our lives lived as a testimony to the gospel. We should live lives that are a blessing to others, and do it in community together.

As Matt comes to baptism, he is saying that he knows the Lord, that he is looking to Jesus, and placing his faith in one who died for him

You can listen to the readings and Diane’s full sermon using the icons below.

Matt reminded us that the reading from Matthew’s gospel tells us that if we lose our lives to Jesus we will find it. Jesus came to earth as a servant, and we must live as servants to. Matt feels led to look at charity work following Uni.

Matt closed with the words of 1 John 4:7 “ Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.“ and thanked family, friends and the community at SBC for how they had shown this love to him.

Baptism of Matt Winter - 22nd April 2012

Audio link

Listen to the baptism

10 Sermon.wma

Listen to Diane’s sermon

13 Testimony - Matt Winter.wma

Listen to Matt’s testimony

Matt’s Testimony

Matt told how he was baptised as a baby. God has watched over him for the last 19 years, carrying him through the difficulties he has faced. In May 2006 he was confirmed at St Andrews. He see believer’s baptism as a further step in this wonderful journey.

He first came to Selsdon Baptist through the Gravity youth group, attracted by the community feeling (and the sweets provided!). This led to attending services, and when the 2009 trip to Ghana was suggested, he knew he was called to do this. He witnessed the poverty in Ghana, but also God working in the peoples lives. He  went to Soul Survivor with Selsdon Baptist, and was inspired by being part of 12000 young people singing and praising God, and proclaiming their love for Him.

Matt said how all this has brought him to where he is today, ready to be baptised and proclaiming his love and honour for God for eternity.

As he moves on Jesus will be by his side.

Audio link

Listen to the two readings

Diane and Ro prepare to baptise Matt

Matt is baptised

Diane and Ro pray with Matt following his baptism

The music group singing for the service

You can also download the whole service as a zip file: