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Baptism Nov 2011

We were delighted to share in the celebration of her  baptism with Becky on 6th March, in the morning service. See the pictures below.

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Baptism of Becky Kensington - 6th March 2011

You can listen to Becky’s testimony in full by clicking below:

The whole service is available on the Audio Page

Becky sang a solo of “King of Kings, Majesty” and gave her testimony prior to her baptism

Mike and Ro prepare to baptise Becky

Becky is baptised, and afterwards Mike and Ro pray with her.

Becky’s Testimony

Becky told us how she was brought up as a Christian. Last Summer on the young people’s trip to Woodland Camp they were challenged as to whether they were only “Sunday Christians”. Becky saw how this applied to herself and was about to declare she would no longer live this way when she broke out crying. This was the Holy Spirit talking to her. She heard God in the sounds of the field, and one of the leaders, Mel, helped her to see that “Now He is your God, not your parent's God. After this she recognised God in her own and other people’s lives, particularly in the baptism of her cousin in the sea. After this she started to think, should I get baptised?  

She prayed and asked God to lead her to a Bible passage. He showed her Deuteronomy chapter 6, which is headed “A call for a wholehearted commitment”.

Becky finished by saying this: “By being baptised today this is what I want to do - I want to commit myself fully to God so that I can share my life with Him, and always have him as my Father, my Saviour, my Best Friend, my Protector, my Comforter and my Guide.

Baptism of Karl Yabsley - 4th September 2011

Then it was time to head into the water, and following 2 questions affirming his faith, Karl was baptised by David and Simon Maddox.  They then prayed in the water as the gathered congregation applauded Karl from the shore.

It great to be able to share a coffee together afterwards too.

It was a really special day, for Karl, and for Greenvale, and we thank God for all the good things he is doing in people’s lives.  

On Sunday 4th September SBC @ Greenvale headed to the beach on a wet and windy afternoon for the baptism of Karl Yabsley.  

With horrific weather conditions as we travelled to Littlehampton, and many taking refuge in the local café, as 2pm loomed the rain stopped, a little sun appeared, and we gathered on the sand.

David spoke to us briefly from Matthew 4v18-22 about Jesus call to follow him and how getting baptised doesn’t mean we have to know everything about our faith - the first disciples certainly didn’t, but it does mean we’ve seen something in Jesus which makes us want to be his disciple and follow him.

Karl then spoke about how grateful he was to all those who had supported him on his faith journey, and then shared a prayer with us all.

We were delighted to share in the baptism of Jerry Amokwandoh, Tasha Kensington, and Liz Lamb on Sunday morning 6th November

Mike Elcome preached on the text “Fight the Good Fight”, from 1 Timothy 6. The phrase is a sporting term, meaning battling to succeed, and Mike challenged us that following Jesus is a battle worth fighting, a battle to be faithful, loving, dependable and gentle. Baptism is a public start yyo that battle, a commitment, a promise to God to follow Him and be His person. It will lead to a new quality of life, eternal life, but not neccessarily an easy life. You will be called to struggle with temptations, other people who don’t understand your faith, with yourself for not being what you want to be, with the influence of friends who would lead yo away. The Holy Spirit will remind you to Fight the Good Fight.

Coming to baptism is an act of obedience - when God speaks you must respond. This is what we are called to do

Testimony - Jerry Amokwandoh

Jerry told us how coming from a home where the Bible is cherished allowed his faith to develop. He is convinced by the promises of God such as John 3:16 and 1:12 - “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

He wants to allow God to guide him.

Jerry said he had been thinking of baptism for about a year, since he started at secondary school, and wants to identify himself with God  

Originally he thought that he needed a sign, or to see an angel, to be baptised, but after discussing it with his mum, he understood that believing in God is also about obeying him and following his commands and walking in faith.

He said that baptism is a symbolic expression that Jesus died for him, and by his resurrection has given Jerry a new life.

Jerry yearns to be like Christ and let him take charge of his thoughts and actions, to make him really what he is meant to be.

Baptism of Jerry, Tasha and Liz - 6th November 2011

12a Testimony - Jerry Amokwandoh.wma

Listen to Jerry’s full testimony

Testimony - Tasha Kensington

Jtasha told us how when she was younger she wanted to be baptised