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Audio Downloads

Living in the resurrection - Ephesians 2:1-10 - Communion service - Rev Diane Watts

Reading and Part 1 of message

Part 2 of message

SBC: A colony of heaven and the blessing of God - Rev Diane Watts



Baptism Service - David Canning

Opening Worship

Introduction and testimony

Message from Matt Forsyth

Prayers for David


The baptism

Closing Worship

SBC: A colony of heaven to the glory of God - Matt Forsyth


Reading and Message

Light of the world - Rev Diane Watts

        Matthew 5:14-16

       Reading and Message

Salt of the earth - Matthew 5:1-16  - Rev Diane Watts and Matt Forsyth


Day of the Lord - Joel 2:1-14 -  Rev Simon Jones

Reading and Message

A new thing         

Isaiah 43: 1-24 Rev Diane Watts

How long, O Lord?

Isaiah 6: 1-13 Deji Ayorinde

Easter Sunday - Baptism Service

Full service

Day of salvation - Matt Forsyth

Joel 2: 28-3:21

Reading and Sermon

Forgive as we Forgive

John 15:12-27, Matt 18:21-35


A Tale of Two Cities (Isaiah 26:1-6)

Laurence East

Reading and Sermon

Bible Society - Pass it On

Diane Watts and Heather Clements

Whole Service

Lord's Prayer series Service Recordings:

18 Oct Our FATHER Diane Watts

25 Oct Our Father in HEAVEN Matt Forsyth

1 Nov Hallowed be your name Matt Forsyth

OUR father - Diane Watts - Full Service

Holiday at Home Sunday

Jesus stills the storm (Mark 4: 35-41)        Rev Diane Watts


Take my Credit Card - Matt Forsyth - 1 Timothy 6:3-10


4 O’clock Service - Kindness - Matt Forsyth

Whole service

Keep on Keeping On - 1 Timothy 4:1-16

Matt Forsyth

Reading and Sermon

Testimony - John Knightly. Sermon - Come Let Us Serve - 1 Tim 3 :1-16

John’s testimony


Older Audio  recordings are archived on the Older Audio page

Audio links for selected services are shown below. Click on the links to download the Windows Media files to play on your computer. Scroll down for more files.

If the service you want is not listed, contact the webmaster at , as it may be possible to add it to the list.

Older recordings are also on the Older Audio page


Download a set of Baptism testimonies