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Facilities for Disabled People


Disabled people are welcome to our church and activities

This page gives you an idea of the facilities relevant to disabled people


We are situated on a steep hill, and so our building has two levels. Both levels however have ramp access. The lower level includes the main worship area and the coffee lounge. The upper area includes halls and the church office. The two areas are connected by stairs internally, but by a sloping paved driveway externally. There are no stairs within each level, apart from the stage in the worship area. We have chairs rather than pews, which enables wheelchairs to be accommodated in the body of the church

Almost all doorways are wide allowing easy access.

Access is available from the road by a paved driveway and footpath. The slope is fairly steep up from Addington Road, and gentler down from Foxearth Road. Wheelchair users may need assistance from Addington Road. Roadside parking is usually available, although there are parking restrictions on Addington Road.

Public transport is in the form of bus 64 and 359, which both stop close by, and buses 412, T33, and 409 which all stop within a quarter mile. London Buses are wheelchair accessible - please check the Transport for London site

There is very limited parking and turning space on the driveway - please contact the  Church Office (Tel: 020 8651 4308) for advice. On street parking is also available in Foxearth, Littleheath and Addington Roads, but please park considerately for our neighbours


We have stewards available at Sunday services who will assist you if required. If you have any special needs please contact the church office so that they can look out for you.


Both upper and lower areas have a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Printed Word

We have large print hymnbooks available. In addition the words of most songs are projected onto a screen at the front of the church.

Hearing Difficulties

An induction loop system for the hard of hearing is installed in the worship area.

We also have video cameras linked to the projection system in the worship area, which will improve visibility of the speaker’s face and therefore assist audibility.


We try to ensure all pictures on the website have alternative text, so that the site is accessible to the blind using appropriate software, and can be navigated using the keyboard. However, if you have problems, please email

We have also done some limited checking of the site for colourblindness, and there do not seem to be usability problems. If you do have difficulty, please contact the webmaster . The following site has useful information on colourblindness.. See Website Accessibility below.


Most baptisms are by immersion in our baptistry, but can be by anointing with water where this is not possible, or at alternative locations. The service can be simplified for those with mental disability. An example can be seen here

Further Advice

call in or write to the Church Office:

Selsdon Baptist Church

Addington Road




The office is open from 9:30am to 12:30, Monday to Friday.

telephone the church office on 020 8651 4308 or fax on 020 8651 1060



Website Accessibility

We aim to make our website as accessible as possible, within the limitations of our resources and our authoring software.

We aim to include the following features:

This suppresses the ability to vary the font size whilst keeping the layout the same size. We need to do this because the display panels are not variable length, which allows more flexible design of each page. If you need to view the text in a larger size, zoom the whole page rather than just the text. Firefox however ignores this control so you should untick ‘Zoom text only’ to be able to view the site correctly.

Having said all that, the web master is only human and faults may creep in. Please email me with details of any pages that are causing you trouble and I will try and resolve the issue.

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