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40 Days of Purpose - Autumn 2005

We completed the 40 Days of Purpose program in October 2005. This page contains some comments on the program.

40 Days of Purpose is a powerful life-changing journey for local churches. It is a spiritual growth emphasis that encourages every member of the congregation to participate in deepening their relationship with God through worship, small group studies and through daily personal readings. Over 300 churches in the UK have completed and benefited from 40 Days of Purpose. One church writes: “40 Days of Purpose was the best thing that has happened in our church for years.” 40 Days of Purpose ran at Selsdon Baptist Church from 7th September 2005. It involves a series of seven Sunday services, a biblically based devotional book for each of us to read each day for the forty days, a series of small group meetings each week. We were asked to make this our top priority over the 40 days.

Summary of the series

Video Launch Night

The launch video enthused us for the coming 40 days

Launch Service -Sunday 4th September 2005

The first chance to sign up to be part of 40 Days. Mike Elcome led us as we prepared for  "40 Days".

Audio file:"On your Marks" - Getting Ready for our '40 Days' Adventure

Week One - "What on Earth am I here for?"

Sunday 11th September

The theme of the first Sunday was "What on Earth am I here for?". Our Sunday Club and young people studied the same subjects as the adults.

In the following week we started the daily readings and first Small Group meetings - watching a video and using a study guide with some discussion points to work through in our groups.

Audio File: "What on Earth am I here for?" Week One of our 40 Days

(the sound level is a little low at the beginning, but does improve)

Week Two - ‘Planned for God’s pleasure’

Sunday 18th September

At this Communion Service we received into membership our new staff, and Peter & Ruth Manson

Audio File: "Planned for God's Pleasure" Week two of our 40 Days

Week Three - ‘You were formed for God's family’

Sunday 25th September

This week we learned about the second purpose, Fellowship. We were formed to be a part of God’s family, and connecting with other people in a Purpose-Driven Life small group, we experienced some great Fellowship!

Audio file: "Formed for God's Family"

Week Four - ‘You Were Created to Become Like Christ’

Sunday 2nd October

By memorising the weekly verses and reading the daily chapters in The Purpose Driven Life, we gained a head-start on this week’s purpose, Discipleship. God created you to become like Christ, and He uses various influences to change you into His image. Some influences are obvious, like Bible memory and daily scripture reading. Other influences He uses are more mysterious. We discovered God’s plan for our growth.

Audio File: "You were created to become like Christ" (Sermon starts about 4:40 into track)

Week Five - 'You Were Shaped For Serving God'

Sunday 9th October

This week, we focused on the purpose of Ministry; for many people this marked their high point in the Campaign. It was so exciting to discover the special way God shaped us for serving Him, and in the Many Hands Fair we got to explore that shape and find ways to put it to good use right here at SBC! Followed by Many Hands Fair.

Audio File: "You were shaped for serving God"

Week Six: You Were Made for a Mission

Sunday 16th October

Have you ever wondered, "When a person becomes a Christian, why doesn't God just take them straight on to heaven?"  The answer is that God has an assignment for each of us; you were made for a mission!  What is that mission?  You don't have to speculate.  Just as Jesus was leaving to go back to heaven, he left clear instructions for each of us.  We  explored the only one of the five purposes we can’t do in heaven!

Audio File: "Made for a Mission"

"Many Hands" Fair

Sunday 9th October

The Many Hands Fair  was held after the morning service, as part of the 40 Days of Purpose. It was an opportunity to come along and find out about the many ways we can serve one another and the wider community. It was also an opportunity to volunteer your time, your resources or your ideas in an area that interests you. 

Celebration Service

Sunday 23rd October

A service of celebration at the end of "40 Days".

Prayer Meetings

Every Sunday evening for 30 minutes after the evening service

during September and October 2005 we prayed for the 40 days of purpose

We believe prayer was central in the run up and throughout the 40 days of purpose.